Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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7.1 quake hits off coast of Indonesia - The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center had no immediate tsunami warning following the quake, located northwest of Saumlaki, Indonesia. The earthquake was located too deep inside the earth to create a tsunami in the Indian Ocean. The quake struck offshore, with the epicenter 147 miles (236 kilometers) northwest of the city of Saumlaki. The quake was reported at a depth of 96 miles (155 kilometers).

Japan Nuclear Plant Found Sitting on Quake Fault - A panel of Japanese government-appointed experts concluded Monday that a nuclear reactor in the western part of the country is likely sitting on an active earthquake fault - a finding that may lead to it being shut down.

In the South Indian Ocean -
Tropical Cyclone Claudia was located approximately 680 nm southeast of Diego Garcia.

Philippines - Rescuers are losing hope of finding nearly 900 people missing after Typhoon Bopha struck the southern Philippines last week, killing 714 people. Bopha, the strongest cyclone to hit the Philippines this year, slammed into the southern region of Mindanao on December 4, triggering widespread floods and landslides that wiped out entire villages.
Rescuers have not found survivors for the past three days, and officials said on Tuesday they feared they would discover only bodies one week after the typhoon. "We can no longer say that we can recover many survivors." 890 people were still reported missing from the disaster while 714 were confirmed killed in the floods and landslides. More than 1900 were injured and 110 rescued. More than 5.4 million people were affected by the typhoon, including 116,404 residents staying in cramped evacuation centres.
On Monday, the United Nations appealed for $US65 million ($A62.25 million) in emergency aid to provide food, water and emergency shelter to the victims. Bopha damaged infrastructure and agriculture worth more than 7.11 billion pesos (about $A165.67 million), including more than 70,000 homes and several banana plantations.
Early warnings save lives - Last year, when Tropical Storm Washi hit the southern Philippines, people had no warning at all and about 1,300 people died - many in the town of Cagayan de Oro. Cagayan de Oro was in the path of Typhoon Bopha as well, but the memory of Washi is still fresh. This time, people near the rivers all moved to higher ground and not a single life was lost.
In New Bataan and Andap, they knew typhoon Bopha was coming, yet many chose to ignore advice to seek shelter. "We were indeed informed there would be a typhoon, but we didn't listen. We never thought this would happen to us. Our ancestors, our grandparents - it never happened to them."
But looking at the devastation in New Bataan and Andap, it is difficult to believe that, even if everyone had heeded evacuation warnings, there would not have been substantial loss of life. The area is prone to landslides and flooding anyway, and the typhoon made matters much, much worse, bringing rocks and mud over a huge area several miles long. Given the risks, some officials are questioning whether people should go back to those areas at all.

Tropical Cyclone threat for Fiji - Forecasters are continuing to closely monitor a predicted deep and aggressive low near Fiji this coming weekend and with each passing day confidence is mounting that this could become the first tropical cyclone of the south west Pacific cyclone season.
Reliable models - which accurately picked past cyclones such as Yasi and Wilma - are now predicting a large storm this Sunday in Fiji. "The models show this likely tropical cyclone slamming Fiji from the the east on Sunday and Monday then it has the potential to drift towards New Zealand". Fiji residents should be preparing now for floods, landslides, coastal flooding and powercuts.
However, it's too soon to know if the predicted tropical cyclone could impact New Zealand, but things are stacked against it reaching there. "We expect the swells to possibly reach New Zealand from the north east but as for wind and rain it's still too early to say but looking unlikely at this early stage. Historically speaking it's in a prime position to reach us but the one thing confusing things is a large high currently over New Zealand."
The large high is expected to remain in control and in charge of New Zealand's weather for at least another seven days. "This high may last, in fact, until Christmas Day." Highs are basically one of the main enemies for tropical storms - they can help pull them apart and kill them off - so having a high protecting New Zealand could be helpful.
Except that a potential cyclone brushing New Zealand's north eastern coastline - which would affect Gisborne and Hawkes Bay - could be a blessing in disguise if not a direct and aggressive hit. Gisborne and Hawkes Bay are bone dry and desperately need rain. Only "4.9mm of rain in Hastings in the past 4 weeks. It looks like February not December". The location of the storm makes it "one to watch" even though the current threat to New Zealand is deemed to be "low".


Australia - A wildfire that is burning near homes on Queensland's North Stradbroke Island is under control but residents are being warned to get ready to evacuate if necessary.
Rain showers on Tuesday helped slow the blaze, which is burning in inaccessible land two kilometres south of Amity Point. "Now it's just picking up again but it is under control by fire crews at the moment." The fire is burning on the leeward side of the island so is largely unaffected by the strengthening winds. Amity Point residents have a bushfire survival plan, they should review it and be prepared to act.
"Basically listen to your local radio, listen to your local media, and just be prepared so in the event they do have to move and be relocated then we can do so effectively." The blaze has been testing firefighters since Sunday, when it destroyed four caravans, a large shed, a demountable house and cars at Myora on the island