Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A powerful 7.8 earthquake struck southeastern Iran and was felt in several countries in Asia on Tuesday, rocking buildings in the Indian capital of New Delhi and sending panicked residents of Karachi, Pakistan, fleeing into the streets. At least 27 people were hurt in Iran, but there was no immediate confirmation of any deaths there. Over 30 deaths were reported in Pakistan. The quake was also strongly felt in Kuwait, particularly in coastal areas, and witnesses felt the quake across the Gulf in Dubai and Bahrain.
It was THE STRONGEST QUAKE TO HIT IRAN IN MORE THAN HALF A CENTURY. It was also THE SECOND DEADLY QUAKE TO HIT IRAN IN LESS THAN A WEEK - a magnitude 6.1 temblor struck near Bushehr, on Iran's Persian Gulf coast on the 9th, killing at least 37 people and raising calls for greater international safety inspectors at Iran's lone nuclear power station.
Tuesday's earthquake toppled homes and shops on both sides of the Iran-Pakistan border, killing dozens of people and causing skyscrapers to sway in Dubai. It also forced Iranian officials — for the second time in less than a week — to issue assurances that its main nuclear reactor wasn't damaged. "The quake period was long" and occurred "when many people were at home to take a midday nap".
At least 34 people were killed in a single village in Pakistan. But the overall death toll became clouded after conflicting reports from Iran. At first, Iran's Press TV said at least 40 people died - which would push the two-nation tally to 74. But it later retreated from its account, and other Iranian outlets stepped in with a far less dire picture.

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Pakistan - The powerful earthquake in Iran on Tuesday hit hundreds of homes in Pakistan, killing more than 30 people in a remote community close to the desert border. The quake damaged hundreds of mud-built buildings in remote southwestern Pakistan. The military has mobilised to help the relief effort after the quake brought down homes in the Mashkail area in Baluchistan province.
Two military helicopters carrying medical teams have been sent to the area, which lies just a few kilometres from the Iranian border, while paramilitary troops were being moved to supplement the relief efforts. "At least 34 people have been killed and 80 others wounded in Mashkail."
Tremors were felt across Pakistan, shaking buildings in Islamabad and prompting many to flee into the streets of the biggest city Karachi in terror. More than 20 villages were probably "severely damaged", based on initial reports. Communications to the stricken areas have been cut.
The quake struck at 3:14 pm Iranian time (1044 GMT) with its epicentre around 80 kilometres (50 miles) east of the Iranian city of Khash, in the province of Sistan Baluchistan, at a depth of 82 kilometres. There have been conflicting reports of the precise magnitude. Iran's Seismological Centre measured it as 7.5 and gave the depth as 95 kilometres. The depth of Tuesday's quake would have lessened its impact. But the area "is mountainous, and damage can be expected from landslides as well as because of poorly constructed buildings".
Across the Gulf the quake shook buildings in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and was also felt in the Saudi capital Riyadh and in Oman. IIn Dubai, residential and office buildings were evacuated and thousands of people gathered outside skyscrapers. "Everybody's on the streets. There's a state of panic." The grandiose Dubai Mall was completely evacuated, according to employees who said people were also cleared from towers in Downtown Dubai, home to the world's tallest building.
The quake was also strongly felt in Kuwait, particularly in coastal areas, and in the Bahraini capital Manama, where buildings in the central financial district were evacuated. In the Indian capital New Delhi tremors rattled buildings and led many office workers to run into the street as a precaution. There were no immediate reports of any damage or casualties in India, but concern remains high just 10 days after the collapse of a building in Mumbai killed 72 people.
Pakistan was hit by a 7.6-magnitude earthquake on October 8, 2005, that killed more than 73,000 people and left about 3.5 million homeless, mainly in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir and parts of northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

India - A child was killed in a mudslide during a mild 4.6 earthquake in Assam on Tuesday which was also felt in other northeastern states and Odisha. Three children, who had gone for fishing in river Beki at Kalgasia village in Assam's Barpeta district, were swept into the waters by the mudslide during the tremor. While one drowned, the other two were rescued and sent to the hospital. The tremor struck at 6:53 am in Assam with its epicentre at a depth of 16 km in Darrang district. The tremor was also felt in neighbouring states.

A 6.6-magnitude earthquake has hit Papua New Guinea's north but reports suggest the region has escaped serious damage. A quake of this strength has the potential to generate localized tsunamis within 100 kilometers (62 miles) of the epicenter.

Five earthquakes hit Oklahoma early Tuesday - the two largest were 4.3 in magnitude.

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Columbia - A strong volcano-tectonic (but hybrid and low-frequency events are also apparent) earthquake swarm (including events approaching magnitude M3.0) continued at Nevado Del Ruiz on Monday.


In the South Indian Ocean -
Tropical Cyclone Imelda was located approximately 410 nm east of La Reunion. The final warning has been issued on this system.

Thailand - 150 houses destroyed as Surin was hit by storms. More than 150 houses, rice barns and mills, and animal farms in Surin were destroyed after a tropical storm hit this northeastern province Tuesday evening. Authorities said the trail of damages could be seen in Jom Phra and Muang Districts, adding the storm has blown away roofs of many houses a few kilometers away. The provincial rice depot belonging to the government’s rice pledging scheme was also completely torn down by the storm. Initially the local administration is working around the clock to aid storm victims. About 20 families in Jom Phra District and 50 others in Muang District have become homeless.
Tropical waves wreaked havoc on Thai coastal villages. The fierce tropical storm in the Gulf of Thailand stranded more than 70 fishing boats in this seaboard province ashore due to huge waves, about four metres high.


Indonesia - Weather Scrutinized as Possible Cause of Lion Air Crash. Extreme weather conditions are being looked at as one of the possible causes of last weekend's crash of a Lion Air jet off the resort island of Bali.

At least 21 tornadoes tore across the U.S. South last Wednesday and Thursday - More severe weather is likely this week in some of the same regions that had been affected across the South last week as cold air from Canada, clashing with warm and moist air from the Gulf, combines with dry air from the Desert Southwest.


China reports 14 more H7N9 infections, 2 fatal - The eastern China epicenter of the H7N9 avian flu outbreak reported 14 new cases Tuesday, along with two more deaths, moving the total to 78 cases, 16 of them fatal.

Winn-Dixie announced an immediate voluntary recall of 64 FL OZ Winn-Dixie Organic 100% Apple Juice. The product is being recalled as a precaution because it could have levels of “patulin” that exceeds FDA limits.