Monday, April 7, 2014

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LARGEST QUAKES so far today -

Yesterday, 4/6/14 -

Italy - Sunday, April 6 marked five years since the deadly earthquake hit L'Aquila in Italy. Many building repairs remain unfinished.

Current tropical storms - maps and details.

* In the Western Pacific -
- Tropical depression Peipah is located approximately 61 nm west of Koror, Palau.

* In the South Indian Ocean -
- Tropical cyclone Ivanoe is located approximately 1664 nm south-southeast of Diego Garcia. The final advisory has been issued on this system.

- Tropical cyclone Ita is located approximately 525 nm east-northeast of Cairns, Australia.
Philippines - Domeng is coming. Tropical storm Domeng (international name: Peipah), the fourth storm to hit the country this year, is also the also the fourth to hit Mindanao, showing a weather pattern that has changed from only six typhoons making landfall in Mindanao from 1996 to 2010 to nine typhoons in 28 months since Typhoon Sendong in December 2011.
As of 4 a.m. Sunday, Domeng was spotted at “1,020 kilometers east of General Santos City with maximum sustained winds of 65 kph near center and gustiness of up to 80 kph." Domeng is forecast to move west northwest at 20 kph. Domeng is the fourth storm to hit the country this year and the fourth to hit what used to be described as “typhoon-free Mindanao.”
Since Typhoon Sendong struck the cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan and parts of Bukidnon on December 16-17, 2011, eight more typhoons have struck Mindanao: super typhoon Pablo on December 4, 2012; typhoon Quinta on December 26 or just 22 days after Pablo; typhoon Yolanda on November 8, 2013; Zoraida on November 12, 2013; and since January 2014 — Agaton, Basyang, Caloy and now Domeng.
The Manila Observatory report on “Tropical Storm Sendong,” however, said Mindanao was never typhoon-free. It said that before Sendong, typhoons passed through Mindanao, although not as frequently compared with Luzon and the Visayas. The report noted that approximately 21 typhoons passed Mindanao in 17 years, from 1883 to 1900, that 35 typhoons made landfall in Mindanao in 65 years — from 1945 to 2010 — and that six typhoons made landfall in Mindanao in the last 15 years before Typhoon Sendong.
The Manila Observatory also pointed out that typhoons do pass through Mindanao in December and that “roughly one typhoon per 10 years crosses Mindanao in December.” Since 2011, three typhoons have crossed Mindanao in 12 months – Sendong in 2011 and Pablo and Quinta in 2012.

Deadly Solomons storm becomes cyclone that may threaten Queensland, Australia. A tropical depression which has developed into a cyclone and may reach far north Queensland this week has left at least 16 people dead in flooding in the Solomon Islands, has developed into a cyclone and may reach far north Queensland by the end of the week.
Tropical Cyclone Ita formed over the northern Coral Sea, but remains more than 1000 kilometres off the Australian mainland and poses no threat to the Queensland coast for at least the next few days. Ita was slowly tracking in a westerly direction and was expected deepen into a Category 3 cyclone before crossing the Cape York Peninsula on Friday or Saturday.
‘‘It could start having influence on the Australian mainland from late Thursday, but more likely on Friday or Saturday. There’s quite a bit of uncertainty beyond the next three, four, five days. Tropical cyclones seem to have a mind of their own, so it’s quite difficult to forecast them, particularly at this range.’’
Meanwhile, 40 people remain missing in the Solomon Islands, where the tropical depression caused flash flooding that claimed at least 16 lives and left up to 49,000 people homeless. The disaster has raised fears that a lack of sanitation and fresh water will lead to an outbreak of dengue fever on the Pacific island, where families are taking shelter in schools. The mortuary at Honiara’s National Referral Hospital is already full and a refrigerated container has been placed in the car park to handle the growing number of bodies.
Honiara’s main river, the Matanikau, burst its banks in a torrential tropical storm late on Thursday, sweeping away riverside communities, bringing down bridges and inundating the downtown area. ‘‘There is a widespread disaster developing here and we are sure there will be more than the bridge in Honiara out."
The river rose too fast for some families to escape. ‘‘One of my co workers here - a Solomon Islander - had her family members washed out to sea. One has been confirmed as dead - her uncle - and one of the children was found and picked from the sea. She is now in the hospital I am told. Two of her family members are still missing and the family house has gone.’’ (map & photos at link)


Canada - Flooded Prince Edward Island homes, businesses cope with melting snow. This year's snow amounts are EXCEPTIONAL, leading to flooding.
Extreme weather has caused enough grief this winter, but Islanders are facing a new set of challenges as temperatures rise and the snow starts to melt right into the basements of residents and business owners. (Video)


Drought begins to bite in Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka has had six months of drought and could face severe crop losses and electricity shortages.

Drought 'worst in eight years' in Thailand - Thailand is facing its worst drought in eight years as the dry spell continues in the country's upper regions.

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