Monday, October 11, 2010

**Decorate yourself from the inside out.**
Andrei Turnhollow

This morning -
None 5.0 or higher.

Yesterday -
10/10/10 -

'Wall to wall' San Andreas quake overdue - Some U.S. seismologists are increasingly alarmed at the potential of an earthquake occurring along the entire length of California's San Andreas fault. The San Andreas has long been considered one of the most dangerous faults in the state; however recent research has some experts fearing a future major quake could occur along its entire 340-mile length. The quakes could include a devastating 8.1 shaker and could run "wall to wall" from Monterey to the Salton Sea near the Mexican border. A key section of the San Andreas northwest of Los Angeles is way overdue for a major quake. The last major quake in the section was in 1857 and was halted at the Cajon Pass north of Los Angeles, a fortunate occurrence that seismologists say can't be counted on in the future.

More than two dozen earthquakes have shaken north central Arkansas in the first eight days of October. All were minor but it begs the questions what's causing the tremors and could the next one be stronger? Almost all the quakes have been registered within a few miles of the small town of Guy. Nine earthquakes were reported in the city Thursday night. All of the earthquakes registered two point five or less on the Richter Scale which means they were relatively minor and did not cause any property damage.
This year there have been nearly 170 earthquakes in Arkansas - well above average. Some residents think that the natural gas drilling in the area is causing the increased quakes but the experts don't. The Arkansas Geological Survey says that theory has already been studied. "If you were to plot all the wells, there are over three thousand wells in the area, from White County to Conway County. These earthquakes just don't line-up. They're in small clusters." The geological survey is looking into the possibility that disposal wells which eject dirty water fifteen thousand feet under ground could be causing the spike. Increased earthquakes could lead to some more serious quakes but nothing that would devastate the area. It's not likely that any earthquake in Arkansas will hit five on the Richter Scale.

Tropical storm OTTO was 668 nmi W of Lajes, Azores


AUSTRALIA - Southeast Queensland awash with rain. Roads are cut and thousands lack power after up to 250mm of rain was dumped on southeast Queensland over the weekend. A severe weather warning issued at 5.15am (AEST) today warns of continued wild weather. Strong to gale force winds are expected to maintain very rough seas and large swells during the day, leading to dangerous beach and surf conditions. A flood warning is current for coastal streams from the Sunshine Coast to the NSW border. Brisbane received 85mm of rain since 9am yesterday. Many roads in Brisbane are under water. On the Gold Coast, Coolangatta received 120mm, while Nambour, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland north of Brisbane, received 112mm. Parts of the coastal regions have received 300mm to 400mm of rain since late last week. The UNSEASONAL heavy rain is expected to ease during the day.