Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Again today, not many disasters, but in Japan serious fallout continues from their 2011 quake, plus a big potential quake threat for them.

Japan - Nankai Trough quake predicted to cause more damage than the 2011 quake disaster. A government panel has revised sharply upward the estimated damages expected from a quake expected to strike in the Pacific off the coast of central Japan, raising the urgency of disaster preparedness for much of the country's eastern coast.
The Japanese government panel is estimating that a 9.0 magnitude earthquake in the Nankai Trough region will do damage worth $2.2 billion, a figure that is much higher than the $177 million from the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. Scientists are predicting that the earthquake is due “in the not-too-distant future”, based on historical rough calculations.
These figures do not include the possible nuclear fallout from an earthquake of that magnitude. The panel also predicts the NUMBER OF EVACUEES TO REACH 9.5 MILLION A WEEK after it hits and that 40 out of the country’s 47 prefectures will suffer damage to their infrastructure. 27.1 million will suffer power outages, while 34.4 million will be without water.
In an earlier report released in August, the panel said around 323,000 could die from an earthquake with its epicenter in the Nankai Trough, also a big number compared to the 19,000 who died or were reported missing in the 2011 disasters. But if all houses and key buildings are already quake-resistant by the time the earthquake will occur, the damage can be cut to almost half at $836 million. That is why the government’s priority would be to come up with basic policy measures by the end of the month against future earthquakes.
The Nankai trough runs from the gulf of Suruga, Shizuoka Prefecture, central Japan, to the sea of Hyuga, off Miyazaki Prefecture in the southwestern Japan region of Kyushu. Historically, this area experiences 8.0 magnitude earthquakes once every 100 to 150 years, with the last one occurring last 1946, where around 1,330 people perished.

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Continuing cluster of small quakes in CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN REGION

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3/18/13 -
Cluster of small quakes in CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN REGION

Crucial system fails at Japan's quake-damaged nuclear plant - Workers at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant scrambling to fix broken cooling system in 3 reactors. The system that cools hundreds of spent fuel rods that are stored at the facility stopped working on Monday, which could have dangerous consequences.
The Tokyo Electric Power Company confirmed that it had a partial power failure Monday evening and then discovered the problem with an electricity supply unit. Currently the cooling systems in reactors one, three and four are not operational and representatives from TEPCO are UNSURE HOW TO FIX THEM. However TEPCO says it should have a solution within a few days and that the fuel rods stored in the pools will remain safe for at least four days without fresh cooling water.
The disabled plant was seriously damaged by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan on March 11, 2011, which destroyed the plant's power and cooling systems. Three reactor cores melted and fuel storage pools overheated because of this. The plant is now using makeshift systems.

Solomons quake refugees stranded in shelters - People are still living under temporary shelter without access to water or toilets in the capital of Solomon Islands' Temotu province, almost six weeks after the region was hit by a major earthquake and tsunami. More than 100 people who lost their homes are living under tents or tarpaulins, many of them from other islands in the province. The premier says for people to move back to their seaside land, they need reassurance they will be safe.

Volcano Webcams

Ecuador - Tungurahua Volcano Increases Activity. Several Ecuadorian zones in the provinces of Tungurahua and Chimborazo remain on orange alert on Sunday due to the increased activity of the Tungurahua volcano, located 80 kilometers south of Quito.


No current tropical storms.

Strong winds from ex-cyclone Tim heading moving towards Australia - Wild winds and rain are expected in Central Queensland in the coming days from ex-cyclone Tim. The weather bureau has issued a severe weather warning of strong winds for central Queensland. The low-pressure system is north-east of Mackay and heading towards the north Queensland coast.


Brazil - At least 16 people have been killed in landslides in a mountainous area north of Rio de Janeiro, after heavy rains. The landslides hit the city of Petropolis, about 40 miles (65km) north of Rio, after a river burst its banks and flooded the city centre. A baby and two emergency workers are among the victims.
The Brazilian President said more "drastic measures" may be needed to remove people living in areas of risk who ignore warnings. "Our prevention system warns the people. What I think is that a little more drastic measures will have to be taken so people don't stay where they are not supposed to be." An emergency task group of the Brazilian National Force has been sent to the region to assist local authorities.
Authorities say some areas had as much as 300mm of rain in 24 hours, whilst the normal monthly average for this time of year is around 270mm. At least 50 people are believed to have lost their homes. The area around Petropolis has seen deadly landslides before - 900 people were killed in an incident in 2011. Promises from the authorities to invest in measures to prevent similar landslides were not fully implemented.
The city remains on high alert and further heavy rain is forecast. Schools are closed and residents have been told to stay in their homes. Brazilian television has broadcast pictures showing houses destroyed and roads blocked by the landslides. (photo)


Mold findings spark NJ compounding pharmacy recall - A New Jersey compounding pharmacy yesterday recalled all of its products after a Connecticut hospital found particulates in the company's magnesium sulfate intravenous (IV) solution that were confirmed to be mold.

- Grippo Foods Inc., Cincinnati, OH, is initiating a nationwide recall of all bags and boxes of their Plain Potato Chips, Bar-B-Q Potato Chips, Cheddar Cheese with a touch of Jalapeno Potato Chips, Hot Dill Pickle Potato Chips, Sweet Bermuda Onion Potato chips and Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips. These products may have the potential to contain metal fragments.
- Bravo! is voluntarily recalling its 2 lb tubes of Bravo! Raw Food Diet Chicken Blend for Dogs and Cats because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.
- Diamond Pet Foods is voluntarily recalling limited production codes of Premium Edge Finicky Adult Cat Formula dry cat food, Premium Edge Senior Cat Hairball Management Formula dry cat food, Premium Edge Kitten Formula dry cat food, Diamond Naturals Kitten Formula dry cat food and 4health All Life Stages Cat Formula dry cat food. Tests conducted by the company indicated the products might have a low level of thiamine (Vitamin B1).
- Diggin' Your Dog™ is withdrawing one lot of its Strippin' Chicks™ Pet Treats because they have the potential to be contaminated with "Salmonella".